Thursday, October 27, 2005

Are you well enough to be sick? If not, then you should be.
Are you scared of the bird flu?
When was the last time you had the flu?
Yes, that is right, I said the flu. When was the last time? 1 year? 2 years? 5 or 10 years? If it has been 5 years or more since you were ill, then you are not well enough to be sick. What does this mean? Almost all cancer patients have not been sick in years. Read on.

I believe viruses exist to stimulate our immune system to help us become healthier. When we become ill with a virus, our immune system responds with all kinds of wonderful immune reactions for our body to then create its own antibodies against the virus. It also creates a fever that kills viruses from attacking the cells of our body and making us ill.

When I hear many cancer patients say, "I have not been sick in years," it tells me their immune system has become maladapted to being exposed to viruses and other microorganisms. Unfortunately, they sound proud of the fact they have not been sick in years. When I hear anyone say this that is not a patient of mine, I worry for them. Because their immune system clearly is not functioning. Usually, they also do not have allergies and/or can eat whatever foods they please. Becoming ill is a bad thing in this conventional medical society. But once in a while, it is the absolute best thing that can happen to you. Becoming ill with the flu annually is not a bad thing. No one likes to be sick. However, conventional medicine has sold us on the idea that any disease or symptom is bad and then has drugs to mask or suppress those symptoms of illness.

The best response to have is once in a while, annually or biannually, to come down with the flu and develop a fever. Naturopath's believe the body's ablility to produce a fever shows the immune system is working and healthy. If the body cannot produce a fever, then the immune system is not working which is where our body becomes suceptible to autoimmune diseases and cancer.

Our immune system has different response levels, immediate, delayed, hypersensitive, and finally, maladaptive. Maladaptive is where you do not want to be. You want to be in healthy.

How can you become well enough to be sick?
The best and quickest way is to receive constitutional hydrotherapy (CH) treatments. The second best way is to eat a healthy diet. Diet is the foundation yet is a slow process. CH stimulates your immune system in such a powerful way. CH raises your vitality to the point where if you have anything in your body that needs to be released, you will become well enough to have a runny nose or even become ill with the flu.

Another way to become well enough to be sick is to avoid fever suppressing drugs, decongestant medications, pain relievers, and antibiotics if at all possible. Suppressing fever allows the virus to stay in your body longer than if you were able to produce a fever. If you are able to produce a fever, it means you are well enough to be sick which means your immune system is healthy enough to fight the virus. CH treatments induce a fever from the outside with the external application of heat. This is how CH helps to make you well enough to be sick.

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Dr David Hogg, ND


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