Thursday, October 05, 2006


A recent Swiss study used a common antibiotic to treat sinusitis. “There was no difference in the time to cure, the primary outcome, between active treatment and placebo, the team reports in the August 11/25 issue of the Journal Archives of Internal Medicine.”

Sinusitis often occurs when the production of mucus is more than natural evaporation. This creates an environment for viruses and bacteria to multiply that end up causing a person to contract sinusitis. There already are naturally healthy bacteria living in the sinus and nasal cavities, yet they will over multiply and become an infection when the environment has too much mucus

The journal also cited, “patients treated with the antibiotic were significantly more likely to have diarrhea, and there was also a trend toward more abdominal pain.” The reason for these side effects occurring are due to the antibiotic killing the healthy intestinal bacteria. The study concluded that only “symptomatic treatment is justified” for sinusitis.

Prevention is the best cure, which is a great Naturopathic principle, for all diseases, including sinusitis. By avoiding foods, like dairy and wheat, that may cause an overproduction of mucus in you, especially during allergy and flu seasons will go a long way in prevention.
Source; Arch Intern Med 2003;163:1793-1798


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