Thursday, October 05, 2006


Mind-Body medicine is probably the most overlooked form of medicine, because most people don’t believe their feelings could have anything to do with their healing. For example, mental and emotional stress is not necessarily the cause of disease and pain, but it is a factor, and, using those same emotions can help to heal you. It is important to realize that you did not cause your illness. It’s also important to realize that dealing with how you handle stress in your life greatly affects 1) whether or not you contract a disease, 2) your experience of pain, and 3) your recovery.

Mind-Body medicine serves the purpose of searching for and finding an emotional component to disease and pain, and then healing or changing those emotions to more positive feelings.

In an office visit, I will take a person through a process of discovering the emotional connection of their pain or disease.

Oriental Medicine
According to Oriental Medicine, worry affects the stomach and spleen meridians. Fear affects the bladder and kidney meridians. Anger affects the liver and gall bladder meridians. Grief affects the lung and large intestine meridians, and pretense affects the heart and small intestine meridians. With this knowledge, you can use these associations to increase self-awareness and stop the cycle of damage these emotions can have on the body. It may be necessary for you to seek help in resolving those issues related to your health challenge.

Naturopathic Mind-Body Medicine
There are some exercises you can do to begin the process of healing and clearing emotions so they don’t build up in your body. A few of these methods are journaling your thoughts and emotions, meditation, walking, exercising, and talking to close friends. Your health professional also has many techniques to guide you through the process of emotional healing. I’ve personally guided many people in clearing the emotional component of their illness. I believe you’ll find that you will feel better both emotionally and physically.


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Something that almost everyone does if they have problems related to anxiety and panic is to try to uncover their own panic attacks causes. And it's understandable. Panic attacks are truly horrific, and definitely the worst part about having any form of anxiety or panic disorder.


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