Tuesday, June 09, 2009

Boosting Your Immunity

There are many ways to boost your immune system. When I spoke last time of the causes of disease, we can look at what to and what not to do to keep ourselves healthy. These are in are no particular order.
Eating Healthy - eating dark fruits, eating green vegetables especially the leafy variety, eating organic foods, drinking clean filtered water,
Thinking healthy - getting outside in the sunshine helps lift our mood, exercise relieves stress, practicing forgiveness, overcoming negative thoughts with positive affirmations
Rest - getting 8 hours of sleep nightly, taking naps when you can, having brief do nothing periods letting your mind rest, going to bed when tired
Things you can take;
Probiotics with meals help build up your healthy bacteria which are the vital link to your immune system, like Ther-Biotic Complete.
Adrenal tonic; herbal adrenal adaptogenic herbs are shown in studies to boost immunity. They also help to relieve anxiety, have antiviral actions, help to repair the adrenal glands, and especially help us to adapt to stress.
Treatments you can receive;
Constitutional Hydrotherapy (read blog article here) - boosts your immune system by pumping your lymphatic system assisting your body to rid itself of metabolic toxins, is very relaxing, reestablishes healthy blood levels of cholesterol, helps lower blood pressure, goes a long way to increase your vitality. Hydrotherapy is one of the most powerful and most under used modalities naturopathic doctors have available. Call the office for an appointment. (see #4)
Home treatments;
Taking a brief cold shower daily before you leave the shower in the morning. Simply turn the hot off and stand under the cold water for a few seconds to tolerance.
Being in nature;
Whether you go for a walk on the beach or in the mountains goes a long way to relieve stress and keep us connected to the earth.
-David Hogg, ND


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