Tuesday, June 09, 2009

Summer is Here - Invest Your Health Wisely

It is time for us to start thinking about how we will invest our health this summer in preparation for flu season this Fall. Yes, it really does matter what we eat now because it relates to our health later. Unfortunately, we are in a quick fix belief society. That belief system also keeps us looking at our symptoms as if they suddenly happened instead of asking ourselves what we did yesterday or even last month to cause them. We never think our current symptoms are the result of what we have been eating or drinking over the past year that may have been making withdrawals on our health. And, no way would we think what have been doing habitually for many years could have a negative impact on our health. Yes, all the stuff that comes out of your nose in the Fall and Winter seasons came from the allergic foods you consumed all year long. Remember my article titled "It's Really Cleansing (not flu) Season?" Go back and read that one to remind yourself that what you choose to eat now will affect how sick you may become if you come down with "the flu" this fall or winter. No matter what happens to you, I am always there for you.

We usually think of summer as a time to have fun so we eat whatever we want because we want to have fun. Unfortunately, if you had way too much fun eating ice cream, candy, cold soda drinks all summer long, you will pay the consequences later when "cleansing season" arrives. Remember, as soon as it turns cold, your body goes into a mode of preserving heat instead of ridding itself of excess. That change causes your lymphatics and other vessels to squeeze down thereby squeezing out all the excess stuff (forgive the medical term) that it does not need to survive the winter.

So Doctor, what do I do, you ask?
You need to invest your health by;
  • Eating 3 or more servings of green vegetables per day.They give you vitamins and minerals and the fiber in them helps absorb the bad stuff and carry it out of the body.
  • Limiting starchy vegetables like french fries and eating more leafy green salads
  • Limiting ice cream or eating soy or rice ice creams instead
  • Taking enzymes with meals when you are eating the 'bad' things, like this one --> click here or this one for children
  • Taking probiotics to help keep your intestines healthy all year long like this one --> click here
  • Exercising daily keeps your lymphatics moving and making you perspire clearing your body of metabolic and consumed toxins
  • See your local Naturopathic doctor for a check up, if you have not already, and learn what foods you should or should not be eating. And, how to eat what you want and to help avoid the consequences later.


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