Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Zicam ingredients

are not all natural. The ingredients contain many natural ingredients plus 2 harmful chemicals. They are both highly alkaline and can be as abrasive and harmful as strong acids. They are benzalkonium chloride and sodium hydroxide. The news story above makes the low dose homeopathic zinc as the culprit, which is also the official position of the FDA. However, I believe it is those 2 chemicals that are causing people to loose their sense of smell. According to Wikipedia, "Benzalkonium chloride solutions of 10% or more are toxic to humans, causing irritation to the skin and mucosa, and death if taken internally." And Wikipedia on, "Sodium hydroxide is extremely caustic, and can react with fats and oils on skin, in a reaction which creates salts. For this reason, sodium hydroxide is very dangerous, and skin should immediately be rinsed with mild acid, such as vinegar or low molar citric acid, following exposure. Do NOT wash with water following contact with this substance as this will merely exacerbate the corrosive affect."
It seems easy to figure out what is causing people to loose their sense of smell. Caustic highly alkaline chemicals. And, not the homeopathic zinc.


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