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Milk: It Is Not What It Used To Be
Important: If you are allergic to any of these ingredients, you will be allergic to regular milk.

I remember the milkman. Yes, I am dating myself. I remember getting 2 quarts of milk every few days. That was good milk. Then, something happened. Milk no longer came to us straight from the dairy. We now bought milk from the grocery store in a paper then later plastic carton. I remember thinking there must be something innately wrong with drinking from plastic. Now we know drinking anything from plastic is not really good for us. For the most part, milk cows no longer graze grass at a dairy. They are fed prepared feed with all kinds of ingredients. I found one particular website that was quite helpful. The ingredients are as follows; dehydrated alfalfa pellets, almond hulls, apple pomace, apple pomace with oat hulls, bakery waste also called cookie meal (stale bread, pastries, and donuts), barley grain, beans, beet pulp, blood meal (dried blood), brewers grains (left over after beer production), canola meal, waste chocolate, citrus pulp, corn grain, high moisture corn, corn gluten feed (product of making corn starch), corn gluten meal (by-product of making corn syrup), cottonseed hulls, cottonseed meal, distillers dried grains with solubles, fat (from pork and beef, poultry, blended feed grade animal fat, blended animal and vegetable fats, and feed grade vegetable fat), tallow (calcium salts and long-chain fatty acids, hydrogenated fatty acids, hydrogenated tallow products), feather meal (hydrolyzed poultry feathers from slaughtered poultry), fish meal (by-product of making fish oil), hominy feed (by-product of making grits), flaxseed meal, lupin seeds, meat and bone meal (dried from pork), cane molasses, oat grain, oat hulls, peanut meal, rye grain, sorghum grain (milo), soybean meal, heat-treated full-fat soybeans, extruded soybeans, expeller-processed soybean meal, lignosulfonate-treated soybean meal, soy hulls, sunflower meal, urea, wheat feed flour (by-product of making wheat flour), wheat middlings (shorts, germ, and flour), wheat red dog flour (bran, shorts, germ, and flour), and whey (by-product of cheese making). They also have to add antibiotics to suppress the bacteria that grow from all these ingredients being digested in the cow intestines. They also give the cows estrogen to make them produce more milk than the cows would otherwise.
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I have one very important question, where's the grass? Cows are supposed to be vegetarians. Cows are not carnivorous and will never be. Their stomachs are made to digest mainly grasses and weeds. If you are allergic to any of the above ingredients, you will be allergic to regular milk. The ingredients above are largely animal and fowl products, starches, bleached white flour, fibers, grains, food industry by-products, hydrogenated fats, and genetically modified soy products. If you are drinking milk or eating cheese, then you are eating all of the above ingredients. Hydrogenated fats have been linked to arteriosclerosis and heart disease. It is no wonder so many people are allergic to milk these days. Dairy is one of the main food groups I have to take people off of so their noses and lungs will clear of mucus. Can you see why?

I must quote Andy Rooney from 60 Minutes who said, "I'll bet a calf wouldn't drink most of the stuff called milk now sold in cartons. You can’t tell some of it from Diet Coke. Has it ever occurred to them that people aren't drinking it because milk isn't as good as it used to be? My suggestion, if they want to sell more milk, is that they go back to selling what comes out of a cow."
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