Thursday, April 01, 2010

Some people are still cleansing

With the weather turning colder at least one more time before spring springs, the cold weather will cause more cleansing in those whos bodies have not cleansed yet or enough. Remember, the most common thing your body is needing to cleanse itself from is milk. See the previous article here;

Please take the time to read the following previous articles to understand why your body is cleansing, and does not in any way have any sort of flu and never will. “The flu” is something that has been sold to us by big pharma in order to sell us flu shots. Cleansing (flu) symptoms happen every single year and has in no way due to any virus whatsoever.

It's Cleansing (Not Flu) Season, And Why

Remember, It's Cleansing (Not Flu) Season

Now That You Are Cleansing


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