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Are You Cleansing Yet? – Runny nose or flu symptoms?

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Has your nose started to run yet? I have been seeing many people with runny noses, nasal congestion and some coughing. Some have reported feeling as if they have the flu. If you do not have symptoms yet, your turn may be coming. This coming Fall and Winter season is going to be different from now through March 2011. I believe the weather is going to be alternating hot and cold until then. And, this alternating hot and cold weather hydrotherapy will be doing things to your body to make you cleanse whether you want to or not.

Remember, the "flu" in not the flu but your body cleansing itself of stuff your body does not like. All the stuff you have eaten all year will now be exiting through your nose. If your body does not like dairy, wheat, corn flour, or other foods, even though it may seem to be ok at the time, then your body will be cleansing itself of those foods.

Every time it turns cold your body changes from getting rid of excess heat to conserving heat. This great change in the way your body deals with heat is what causes your flu/cleansing symptoms. When the weather turns cold, the body constricts the capillaries and lymphatic vessels at the surface skin in order to conserve heat. This constriction sends all of that fluid out of the body. Ever notice that your rings fit more loose in the Winter than the Summer? Where do you think that swelling goes? Well, some of it you urinate out, some your sweat out under warm winter clothes, some you poop out, and the rest goes to your nose and possibly chest. No amount of vaccines, over-the-counter flu and cold medicines will ever stop this process. And, no flu virus will ever cause your body to cleanse. Flu viruses are in response to the mucus accumulating, and not the cause of your runny nose. And, the body aches you feel as you think you are getting the flu are actually the junk you ate all year that is now moving through your lymphatic vessels since your body is now in heat conservation mode. Understand? It is really the weather with your body's response to it and not some virus that is causing your symptoms. A virus never has and never will cause your nose to run, body aches, post-nasal drip, or coughing. The virus will only be there when the mucus sits in your body too long.

Therefore, the best way to deal with these symptoms is to keep the flow and cleansing going. I give respiratory herbs to help the nose discharge and keep the lungs clear, antiviral herbs if necessary, and herbs for the throat to keep it feeling good, and most importantly homeopathic remedies specific for you and your specific symptoms, all helping you heal more quickly and in the process be healthier for the experience of cleansing. I also prescribe hydrotherapy treatments in home and office to assist with the cleansing.

In conclusion, you can see there is nothing "going around," nor has there even been. We all "get it" at the same time. We always have these symptoms occur right before, during, or after a cold change of weather. These symptoms are not caught from anyone but ourselves. We cause ourselves to cleanse when we put things into our bodies that our body does not like. So, do not take any decongestants, fever medications, or basically anything from a drug store. Take natural things and receive natural treatments to assist your body during this time. Finally, naturopathic medicine has much help for you while you are cleansing. Cleansing is exactly what you are doing after all.

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At 11:09 PM, Blogger Kim Caldwell said...

Thanks for this reminder. I have the flu and everyone is asking why I did not take my flu shot and why i don't take medicine. I know my bodies symptoms are the cure and cleansing is going on.

Kim Caldwell


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