Monday, April 20, 2009

A Cause of Breast Cancer

The possibility of antibiotics associated with breast cancer began in 1981, which caused a new study to be conducted. This study was performed in Seattle on 10,000 women. Women who had been on antibiotics over 25 times had twice the risk of developing breast cancer, and women who had been on antibiotics between 1 and 25 times had a 50% increase in risk. The study suggests the association is real.

Naturopathic medicine understands how antibiotics affect the body. Antibiotics destroy the healthy bacteria occupying the intestinal tract and other areas of the body, which play an important role in our immune system. The healthy bacteria communicate with our immune system and let our bodies know what should be attacked, and what is helpful and friendly to our bodies. Because antibiotics kill the healthy bacteria, they remove a vital link of our immune protection.

Taking probiotics (healthy flora/bacteria) is a vital part of everyday prevention, and also when taking antibiotics. Taking probiotics helps to reestablish the healthy beneficial connection with our immune system. If you are having any sort of immune challenge, taking probiotics are a valuable part of your preventative health. Antibiotics also leave us open for local and systemic yeast infections which can cause a myriad of symptoms. I've seen studies where 1/3 of cancer patients had some kind of harmful levels of yeast in their body.

If you need to take antibiotics, then taking beneficial yeast, Sacchromyces boulardi, which helps to protect our normal healthy flora from being destroyed.

Naturopathic medicine teaches to first do no harm. My own choice with antibiotics is I will only take them if my life is being threatened and they are the only, best option. If you are not already taking some form of probiotics, I suggest you begin now. Naturopathic doctors have known for decades the healthy benefit of using "pro"-biotics instead of "anti"-biotics.

A lab test is available that can evaluate the state of your intestinal environment to discover the levels of healthy and bad bacteria in your body. The test also looks for yeast and parasites. Without our healthy bacteria at healthy levels, we are left open for pathogenic and/or opportunistic bacteria, yeast overgrowth, and parasites.

You can find the probiotic, Ther-Biotic Complete (The best probiotic I have found), available at

Invest Your Health! by David Hogg, ND

This is usually the last thing people invest in when it comes to thinking about investments. We make deposits and ithdrawals to our health everyday of our lives, whether you realize it or not. There are foods that make withdrawals to or decrease our health, and foods that make deposits to our health. We think these are easy and commonsensical, but not necessarily so. In addition there are habits, emotions, and thoughts that can add to or diminish our health.

Do not be fooled by your cravings, whether be they behaviors or foods. Most of the things we crave are not really good for us. We can crave avocados or sweets. One of them adds to, and the other diminishes our health, respectively. For example, we may like pizza, but we pay a price of the body having to process the white flour, cheese, processed meat, and the fact that is was cooked at very high heat.

Most empty foods like white bread, white rice, white sugar, white flour pasta, white potatoes, and alcohol (even sugar alcohols) actually cause our body to be robbed of minerals that are needed to process all the sugar that goes into our body as a result of eating these foods. This kind of chronic health withdrawal habit will cause us to reap the consequences of ill health later on in life, and frequently sooner. You may enjoy it now, but you will pay later with ill health.

If we hold on to anger, anxiety or grief, the we are depleting our health reserves. If we release these emotions in a healthy way, then we are adding to our health. If you find yourself stuck in one of these you probably need naturopathic/homeopathic help getting through this time.

Over the counter medications can help us immediately, yet can cause side effects. If you choose to see your conventional doctor and receive a prescription, you feel better immediately, but you may pay the price of harmful side effects later. Most medications only treat the symptoms anyway, so is it not better to treat the cause of your symptoms? I think so.

So, is it not better to invest in your health today so you can reap the dividends of optimal health tomorrow? As a naturopathic doctor, I believe strongly in this concept. You can pay now for healthy foods and/or helpful supplements, or pay later for ill health. It is your choice completely. You decide how you will invest your own health.

*You also invest by visiting this office regularly. Many of us only want to invest in crisis care. You know, that is the help -me -now -mentality -then -when -I'm -better -I -dont -need -to -come -in thing. When I am able to see you over time, instead of once or twice, I can obtain a much better picture of you and how to help you. I can always help if I see you once. Yet, I can help you 10 times better by seeing you regularly. This way, I can check in with you to see what symptom have changed, what worked, what didn't, did you follow my recommendations or not and why, which all of this gives me more information about your health situation, and get more information about you and your health all together. Then change the plan accordingly so you can continue up the stream to healthier
place. Most of all, you come in regularly so I can give you support. We all need that.

To find out your state of health currently on deposit, there are tests available in my office to see if you are deficient or sufficient in vitamins, minerals, and amino acids (protein). Other tests can detect toxic minerals, cardiovascular health markers, hormones, allergies, healthy and harmful bacteria, yeasts, and parasites. Many current health conditions are related to either deficiencies
or excesses of these different markers of health. Therefore, begin today investing in your health. You will pay many dividends in good health later. I am here and available to help you with your health goals. Get started by calling the office today. 408-297-6877