Thursday, October 05, 2006

Do you run from illness?

Most, if not everyone, is afraid to be sick. How many of you have avoided a hug or a handshake with someone because either you didn’t want to spread your germs to them, or you didn’t want to catch something? If you are a parent, how many of you have either kept your children at home when they are not ill, but may be contagious, or you kept them away from other children for fear of your children catching something? Lastly, how many of you have cancelled your doctor’s appointment because you were afraid of giving your illness to everyone in the doctor’s office? When you think about it, does it really make sense to cancel a doctor’s appointment when you are ill?

This question was posed to me recently and here is my answer: I’m not afraid to be sick. I don’t like it when it happens, but I’m not afraid. I even hug my sick friends. As a doctor, I see people who are ill all the time. Do I always become ill with what they have? No, of course not. Also, I may have to touch people when they are ill in order to help them. Therefore, I don’t subscribe to the fear that I’m going to “catch” something from someone if I touch an ill person while they are in my office. If I am exposed to a germ, then my immune system will make antibodies for it, and as a result, I’ll be immune if I’m exposed to that germ again. My immune system will now be stronger.

I’m also not afraid because I have so many medicines at my disposal, like homeopathy, herbs, and hydrotherapy, to name a few, that help me to recover quickly.

Naturopathic parents are not afraid to have their children around other children who are sick. Naturopathic parents know that exposure to common childhood diseases as early as possible in the child’s life will strengthen their immune system. This may sound crazy to most of you. It is known that children not exposed to the common childhood diseases have a weaker immune system and are more likely to develop allergies as a result. Children that are kept in a sterile bubble will have a weaker immune system when they are older. Most importantly, if they do not contract the common childhood diseases as a child, the experience of the disease will be much worse as an adult. For example, chicken pox as an adult disease can be as a severe as shingles.
In my experience, Homeopathy will boost your immune system naturally in order for you to recover faster. I have parents of children in my practice who I know will attest to this.


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