Thursday, October 05, 2006


E., I will call her, was an 18- year-old woman who was referred to me by her mother. E. had seen her MD the day before seeing me in February 2004, and was diagnosed with mononucleosis. Her doctor told her she was going to have to live with the symptoms, and that she was going to be ill for quite some time.

When she came to my office, she complained of swollen and painful tonsils, pain when swallowing even her own saliva, a stiff neck with pain so severe she could not turn her head, and other symptoms. She had taken an over the counter pain reliever for her fever. E. reported to me that all of her symptoms had begun 2 days prior. She wanted to know if I could suggest a homeopathic remedy that would help with her symptoms, and speed her recovery.

I spent an hour listening to her describe her symptoms. I asked specific homeopathic questions, and then was able to suggest a remedy, based on those symptoms, for her to take every 2 hours. She and her mother left to pick up the homeopathic remedy that I had suggested. What’s important her is that the remedy chosen was based on her individual expression of her symptoms, not the diagnosis. This is the main difference from allopathic medicine.

I called E. 2 days later to check on her progress. Her mother answered the telephone and said that E. was not home, because she was out with friends. This news greatly surprised me, and I wondered how a person who was so ill 2 days ago be out with friends! Her mother further told me that the sore throat E. was experiencing had completely resolved the day after beginning the remedy. Prior to E. leaving the office, I had her schedule for a follow up the following Tuesday.
E. came in for her appointment as scheduled. I saw a young woman in the waiting room, but did not recognize her as E. I then called her name, and the young woman answered. I was amazed by how healthy she looked. She appeared to be completely well.

E. told me she had no throat pain at all, no fever, aches, or trouble swallowing, and she said her tonsils felt normal.
The Homeopathic remedy is the only thing I suggested for her to take. I saw Homeopathy treat diseases such as this when I was in medical school, and have since seen it help many others in my practice.
I’ll now let her speak to you in her own words. “I think that my recovery was amazing, and the fact that I would have been living with all those symptoms really scared me. Thank you so much again for everything.” -E.
I invite anyone who would like to try Homeopathy to call me to see if it can help. Individual results vary.


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