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I believe homeopathy to be the only medicine that takes into account everything that may be happening with you. It looks at all your physical symptoms including diet, sleep, weather intolerance, mental/emotional symptoms, and more. Homeopathy sees you as an individual, not as a disease. Ten different people with the same disease will all have individual expressions of that disease. Therefore, all of them may receive a different homeopathic remedy based on their individual symptom picture. In allopathic medicine, they would all receive the same or similar medicine. In order to come up with a remedy for you, a homeopath will need to know all of your symptoms with what makes them better or worse, time of day when better or worse, your mental emotional state and other symptoms that accompanies the chief concern. Homeopathy always works. The secret lies in taking the right remedy. Getting the right remedy requires seeing a qualified Homeopath who practices Classical Homeopathy, which is the kind of homeopathy I practice.

Homeopathy was the number 1 medicine in the United States in the 19th Century before the pharmaceutical companies came along. It is still the number 1 medicine used by the British Royal Family. It is also quite prevalent in France and India, just to name a few countries.
Homeopathic medicine is now having a resurgence in the U.S. It is a 200 year old scientific system of medicine. The founder, Samuel Hahneman, MD, believed in medicine that did not cause harm in a person in order to heal them, but instead gave healing and recovery. He was disillusioned with the medicine of his time. He thought there must be a better, more humane way to treat diseases than blood letting or giving mercury or antimony.

Homeopathy is based on the system of medicine known as the law of similars. In other words, what may cause a disease can cure a disease when given in a harmless high dilution. There are many studies on Homeopathic medicines and treatment of diseases which prove it’s efficacy.
The link following is an excellent article on homeopathy and it’s basic theories on MSN;

You may also see my website for a comparison to allopathic medicine. In addition, read the 1st edition of the following book online, Homeopathy, Beyond Flat Earth Medicine, at


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