Monday, March 06, 2006

Constitutional Hydrotherapy (CH):
The applications of hot and cold water as a therapy is as old as mankind. During the 1800's in Europe the utilization of water, fresh air and proper nutrition became known as the Nature Cure movement, which then evolved into modern Naturopathic Medicine. The lineage of modern vitalistic healers began in Austria with Priessnitz who treated thousands of people using hydrotherapy. His healing systems were then brought to America and used by people like: Kellogg (BattleCreek Michigan and cereal mogal), Father Kniepp, Dr.Carroll and Dr. Harold Dick ND of Spokane. Dr. Dick treated colds to cancer successfully in his clinic with CH.

Research: A research project that looked at the effects of CH on chronic illness. In this study, was recruited anyone that had a chronic illness. The participants were asked not to change any other area of their life (diet, exercise, supplements) and received 3 treatments a week for 6 weeks. Before they began, the study recorded blood levels (red blood cell count, chemistry, cholesterol), blood pressure, body temperatures and a complete subjective health assessment. After the treatments these tests were run again and the results were incredible. On the subjective assessment everyone noted improved energy and mental clarity, many reported better sleep and improved mood. The blood work was the most remarkable, one woman with diabetes dropped her cholesterol 30 points, triglycerides by 45, and LDL cholesterol by 30 points (again without changing her dietor exercise routine). One person with chronic constipation began having normal bowel movements. Another with hypothyroidism was able to raise her basal body temperature 1.5 degrees. What was amazing about the outcomes, was that everyone's condition improved regardless of how chronic or severe.

What exactly is the treatment?
A person is wrapped in sheets and wool blankets while lying on their back. Then gentle electrical stimulation is applied to the solar plexus and the mid-back to increase circulation. Hot packs alternating with cold packs are applied directly to the front and back of the torso. The treatment lasts 40-50 minutes and most people report a deep sense of relaxation during and after the treatment.

Why is it so effective?
The success of CH lies in it's ability to move blood, lymph, reset the nervous system, and remove toxins thereby facilitating the body's ability to heal itself. We all have the ability to heal ourselves and maintain wellness, but for numerous reasons these innate abilities become diminished. The improved circulation of the internal organs and removal of waste and delivery of nutrients allows for regeneration and healing on the cellular level of all the organs. What problems can be helped with CH? All problems! We can't claim that we can cure everything, but there is no illness, that I am awareof, that can't be improved with the application of CH. Those with pacemakers will not be able to utilize the electrotherapy, but can still benefit from hydrotherapy.

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Yours In Health,
Dr. David Hogg