Friday, May 01, 2009

The Swine Flu Scare

Before you head for the hills, you must read this entire article;,0,967115.story
History tends to repeat itself. The fear that is being sold through the media is to sell you on the idea that you need a vaccine. Is it really worth the risk to get the vaccine?

Part of the problem with this whole scare is that western medicine does not have many answers for viral infections. They only have drugs and vaccinations. Naturopathic medicine has so many different modalities available for viral infections. We use homeopathy (very successfully used throughout all pandemics in history), herbal medicines (that suppress viruses and boost your immune system into action), hydrotherapy (to induce fever to kill the virus), and many others. Homeopathy, herbal medicines, and hydrotherapy are the main ones I use in my practice for infections, and you know that if you have ever been in my office to be treated.

The first best thing you can do right now is stay calm. Continue to go about your day and not listen to the "chicken little's" in the media.
2nd; Most important! Eat healthy and stay away from junk food. Your internal environment needs to stay healthy to maintain a strong immune system, and to make sure you are not a good host for viruses.
3rd; Drink your daily 8 cups of water. Becoming dehydrated allows for thicker mucus, slows natural everyday detoxification, slows down peristalsis leading to constipation, and concentrates your urine.
4th; Take probiotics daily like this one, Ther-Biotic Complete. Probiotics are your natural immune system to all outside invading organisms. Keep them healthy and they will keep you healthy.
5th; Have an antiviral herbal formula on hand like Zeprevir. These herbs are shown in studies to prevent viruses from replicating themselves allowing your immune system to kill the virus, boosting your white blood cells into action.

Vaccines are believed to help our bodies do what it cannot. This theory is flawed. Our bodies have an incredibly powerful immune system. More powerful than any vaccine you could ever receive. It is estimated that one-third of all Americans receive the flu vaccine every year. At a cost of $25 per vaccine, that amounts to about 2.5 billion dollars in annual sales. Therefore, who really benefits from you getting the vaccine? The vaccine ingredients include the hopefully attenuated (not dead but suspended sort of) virus, thimerasol (50% mercury), antibiotics (to prevent injection site infection), octosanol-9 (a preservative and spermacide), and a type of formaldehyde. So, do you really want to recieve a vaccine?

The cause of all diseases rests with your internal environment. And, not in the organism or germ. Louis Pasteur, who is origially responsible for our modern germ causes disease theory, realized he was wrong late in life. Bernard, his counterpart, and Pasteur debated most of their lives on the cause of disease. Bernard believed the cause was in the internal environment while Pasteur believed it was the germ. By the time Pasteur announced that he had been wrong all along, the drug companies and media had already sold and convinced the public on the germ theory being correct.

Henry Lindlahr, MD, author of Philosophy of Natural Therapeutics and found of Nature Cure medicine, cites the cause of all diseases are from these; 1) lowered vitality, 2) abnormal composition of blood and lymph, and 3) accumulation of waste matter, morid materials and poisons. In his book, he explains further the causes of these three points.

Conclusion; Your body's immune system is incredibly powerful to fight anything, and especially when you have given your body a healthy environment.

In Health,
David Hogg, ND


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