Tuesday, June 09, 2009

Causes of Kidney Stones

I hope you can begin to see a theme in my articles. Treating the intestinal tract is the key to treating all diseases. If you intestinal tract is healthy, then you will stay healthy. Some say we live and die with our colons. Others say it is the liver. Well the liver cannot live without a healthy digestive tract. The skin is not healthy without your inner skin being healthy. And so it is with your internal chemistry. I believe much of the cause of kidney stones begins with digestion symptoms early on. I tend to see low stomach acid (hypochlorhydria), indigestion or heartburn in patients with kidney stones. From the book, No More Kidney Stones, "loss of bicarbonate leads to an acid urine with the increased risk of uric acid stones," and "fat malabsorption prevents calcium from combining with oxalate in the first part of the intestine causing increase urinary oxalates."
Loss of bicarbonate tends to come from eating a diet to high in protein and sugars and low in vegetables. Thereby increasing your production or uric acid. The same dietary habits also contributes to gout. And, fat malabsorption can come from irritable bowel, irritable bowel disease, celiac disease, or rarely a genetic polymorphism. Fat absorption is dependent on the integrity of your intestinal tract. Therefore how healthy your intestinal tract is dictates how well you absorb fats, minerals, vitamins, proteins (amino acids), and carbohydrates.
Eating healthy is at the foundation of health. No disease or symptom ever comes out of nowhere. As we all know, kidney stones take time to form. And, so then the cause of them really began before they ever began to form. Eat healthy so your intestinal tract can be healthy so you can be healthy and live a long healthy prosperous life.


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