Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Building Immunity Naturally

Natural immunity is something your body is very good at achieving. Every time you are exposed to a virus, millions of chemical reactions take place inside your body mobilizing your white blood cells into action. The healthy bacteria in your body tells your T-cells that there is a virus that needs killing. Your T-cells communicate with your B-cells what the virus is all about. Your B-cells create the antibodies the fight the virus. The great thing about antibodies is then you have them to protect you from that virus the rest of your life. Fever begins if the infection is severe enough. Fever is another of your body's natural ways of killing the virus. This is why it is important not to suppress fever. If you do suppress you can actually lengthen the illness you are experiencing. And not only all the virus to go on without being eradicated.

Other ways of building natural immunity are;
  • taking alternating hot and cold baths, with always ending with cold.
  • Taking probiotic supplements to build up your healthy bacteria. Ther-Biotic Complete is a great one.
  • Taking adrenal adaptogen herbs, like my adrenal formula.
  • Taking a natural antiviral herbal formula because it naturally boosts your own immune system to fight viruses. See Zeprevir here.
  • Seeing your naturopathic doctor for a homeopathic remedy to help relieve your symptoms, boost your bodies vitaility, and speed healing. Read about homeopathy here.
Your body can handle anything that comes its way given the right environment. The above are ways to help your body have a healthy internal environment. Any questions, please let me know. And, look for the Swine vaccine ingredients this fall.

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At 9:18 AM, Blogger srinath achar said...

Good tips to strengthen our immune system.

However i am a bit confused about alternate hot & cold baths. I was under the impression that subjecting the body to variations too quickly will kill many cells & lead to free radical formation.

Would love to know the science behind that logic of yours.

You may also enjoy this article on boosying immunity.


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