Saturday, August 29, 2009

1. Pay Now Or Pay Later
2. Save Money, See A Naturopathic Doctor

1. Pay Now Or Pay LaterI recently saw the movie Food, Inc. In the movie there was a family of 5 where the father had hypertension and diabetes. They are all over weight. They are a family that could not even "afford" to buy vegetables because they are "too expensive." The only place the family can afford to eat is Mickie D's. The movie showed them shopping in the grocery store where one of the daughters picked up broccoli but the mother said it costs too much. In the interview with the family, the mother stated they were paying $200 per month for the father's blood pressure and diabetes medication. They have been eating fast food all their lives because it was the only food they could "afford." Now, they are paying for their choices. If they instead stopped giving money the pharmaceutical companies for the drugs and used that money to buy vegetables, the father's blood pressure would come down and he would no longer be diabetic. The mother herself said, "it's either we pay for vegetables or buy his medication." Sometimes we need to hear what we say out loud. I am sure they are still eating fast food. They are saving now for suffering later.

Please do not be like them. Invest in your health now with paying now. Buy and eat vegetables, free-range meats, and low heavy metals fish. If you eat healthy now, you will reap the benefits later. You will be investing now, instead of like this family that chose to pay later.

2. Save Money, See A Naturopathic Doctor

If you stay with prescription drugs, you are more likely to develop chronic diseases as a result of symptom or disease suppression. The symptoms may go away temporarily but the disease will go deeper into the body and surface some other way. For example, if you apply a steroid cream to your skin for eczema or other skin problem, you will suppress the symptoms and not treating the disease, but be telling the disease to go somewhere else. Typically, people develop some kind of lung disease as a result of steroid suppression. Then, the doctor will prescribe more steroids for the lung symptoms, which then tells the disease go somewhere else. Then, the disease will either go to the brain or liver. If the suppression of mental or liver diseases is prescribed, that may lead to depression, an emotional disease. Then you'll be on more drugs to suppress the depression. See the point I am making?

Therefore, besides eating and living healthy, seeing a naturopathic doctor is one of the best ways to invest in your health. If you do you will reap the benefits of better health and preventing many chronic diseases later in life. If you see a naturopathic doctor or homeopath, like myself, then drugs will not be used suppress your symptoms. Instead, the cause of your symptoms will be treated. I tell all my patients, "I am not hear to treat your symptoms, I am hear to treat the cause of your symptoms." Your body has its own wisdom about how it heals itself. It does not always heal itself in the way we want it to in order we desire. So, your symptoms may not necessarily go away right away as with drugs, but they will eventually as your body heals itself from the inside out, one layer at a time. We must trust the wisdom of the body. Many people find homeopathy to have very quick results. One day you feel bad, the next day you feel well. Herbal medicine is also very effective. So you see, what I help you do is help you heal your body from the inside out without disease and symptom suppression.
In Health and Service,

David Hogg, ND
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